Founded by 14 year esthetician Beverly Harris in 2012, HighBrow Beauty is the best brow spas in San Diego.


Positive, passionate, and curious about everything in life, Beverly sees the beauty in anything and everything.  This devotion has fueled her success in the beauty industry for the past 20 years.  13 years ago she turned her attention to eyebrows and studied the relationship between face shape and brow design.  She has passed this knowledge onto her team of artists at HighBrow.

When asked why she loves working in the beauty industry Beverly proudly espouses her passion for making women feel good about themselves- especially in a culture where they are constantly tending to the needs of others.  Her mission in building HighBrow is to be a place where women can get back to themselves and hit the “refresh” button.  She strongly believes that self-confidence is rooted in self-love, and so she and her HighBrow artists seek to help women honor themselves.  Beverly has found that brows and lashes are a quick and essential way for women to update their look, offering lift, definition, and customization.

Inspired by building meaningful relationships, Beverly has sought to cultivate not only a positive experience for every one of her HighBrow clients, but also an uplifting work environment for her employees.  Forever learning more about their shared craft, the HighBrow artists have been trained to treat every face and every client to a custom experience.  Together they are dedicated to helping people grow and live life in a more beautiful way.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys playing and creating mischief with her 2 boys, gardening, and thrifting for unique vintage finds