HighBrow Beauty specializes in designing the perfect brow arch with a “no stencil” approach. Taking into account each unique facial structure and varying eyebrow color, shape and size.  We Focus On Building Brow Symmetry and Consistency Every Time You See Us

Brow Design: $32 
Brow Clean Up: $26 (Booked within 6 weeks)


Proper eyebrow design gives you a youthful and fresh look.  We believe a fuller eyebrow is the way to achieve that.

We’ve developed our brow design methods over the last 13 years.  Our goal is to work with the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Before we do anything we take the time to show you what we think will look the best.

Then we clean, trim, and remove excess hair with wax, tweezers, and scissors to precisely sculpt your arch.  The goal is to open and lift the eyes while maintaining a full brow to beautifully frame your face.

Correcting “bad eyebrows”

If your eyebrows need work we can help you build symmetry and show you what needs to grow to build a fuller beautiful eyebrow.

Sugaring, waxing and Threading

For eyebrows we prefer to use wax.  Sugaring is a great method of hair removal when you don’t need to be so precise.

Threading can be more precise than sugaring but usually only cuts the hair at the base of the root instead of removing the hair follicle which means the hair will grow back faster.  It is also very difficult to build symmetry consistently over multiple visits.