If you’re anything like us, we understand your continuous quest for fuller, longer lashes. Therefore when makeup gurus like Hrush Achemyan and Karrueche Tran (who work with the Jenner-Kardashian family) started posting beautiful results of eyelash lifts on their Instagram, seen now on almost all our favorite fashionistas, we had to take notice.

Like the name suggests, an eyelash curl, is a chemical process that gives a semi-permanent curl to your eyelashes for weeks in just one go. Whilst extensions easily cost you around $200 and also need regular monthly touch-ups, lifts and perms both are normally done under $100 (hey it’s still way cheaper), and the number of maintenances is totally up to you. 




The process is quite simple and takes around an hour to get done with:


Like extensions, you get to decide the type of final product. Women with straighter lashes love a bit of drama while those with some curl prefer a more natural choice, or somewhere in between.

1. It all starts with cleansing your lashes with a gentle foam or oil cleanser. You can’t have a single product over them at all.




2. A silicone shield is then rubbed to the eyelids. As soon as it gets sticky, the beautician adds the same adhesive on top of the silicone formula and uses a brush or a roller to lift the natural eyelashes upwards onto the shield to provide it with the required shape.



3. Now comes the part that’ll actually make you fall asleep. A lifting formula is applied to your lashes for around ten minutes. The perming crème is then removed with a moist Q-tip and another solution is applied.



4. The second lotion, referred to as a “neutralizing fix crème” is a setting lotion applied for around five minutes to basically lock in everything. 


The strip is removed and some nourishing oil or keratin treatment is applied for an additional boost of strength and hydration and voilà - you’ve the most gorgeous lashes of your dreams that look super real.




An eyelash lift not only shortens your makeup time but also lets you head out without worrying about your mascara not lasting long enough (you can always add some though for more drama). With busy women always looking for new ways to feel prettier, this effective beauty technique is all what they need to add a wave of fluttering curls to the eyes, making them look bigger.

With time (5-6 weeks), most of the lashes start relaxing and you’d need a second (touch-up) visit which isn’t as costly as the first one. Note: The process is NOT at all painful and is perfect for those with ultrasensitive eyes.




So ladies what are you waiting for? Book your appointment and get those dreamy dramatic lashes that you’ve always wanted!