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HighBrow Beauty employs the best brow artists, eyelash stylists and estheticians to give you the best results and service...


Consultation, definition, styling- all detailed services your brows will be treated to at High Brow. We are your eyebrow experts, and can help you shape the look you desire. Complimentary design and consistent clean ups will build not only brow symmetry, but also confidence in your overall look!


Extend the length of your lashes and the richness of your look with lavish lash extensions. Get expert eyes on your style with our High Brow technicians, skilled at applying and caring for your lash extensions. Elevate your look with this luxury service!

Keratin Lash Lift

Painless,chemical-free,and long-lasting! The Keratin Lash Lift is an easy process that lifts and darkens your natural lashes. Lasting 8-12 weeks, this treatment will eliminate your need for an eyelash curler.



Wake up in the morning with a perfect set of natural looking brows!  Water proof and sweat proof brows keeping you looking fab 24/7! This procedure uses brow mapping technology to create beautifully shaped brows to the unique geometry of your face that last up to 18 months!


Using the newest skin care products and technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, acne, pock-marks, discolorations, and sun damage. This procedure leaves your face absolutely glowing for 6-12 months! 

Heated Spray Tanning

Say goodbye to chills and hello to a warm and luxurious airbrush tanning experience, with customized tanning color. Highbrow beauty offer the only Heated Custom spraying tan on the market.  Tan @ Highbrow beauty feel the difference. 

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