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Waxing vs. Threading

When it comes to hair removal there are so many options out there these days that it’s hard to choose the right method for yourself. The two methods that are going to be talked about in this blog are waxing and threading. Before we get into the process of both these methods, lets break down what waxing and threading really is. Waxing is a quick and efficient method of removing unwanted hair, especially on the face. While threading gets rid of the finest and smallest hair with ease and doesn't leave the area extremely swollen or red. The downside about threading, is that it doesn’t remove the hair from the root completely. During the threading process the thread might cut the hair at the skin, which allows hair to grow back faster since not all the hairs are removed from the root.

Even though both methods are pretty similar, the process of how each are preformed is completely different. When it comes to waxing there are many types of wax that can be used, but the process remains the same as it allows you to remove multiple hairs quickly from the root. Threading gets rids of the finest and smallest hair slower than waxing which can make it more painful. Since threading doesn’t remove all the hairs completely from the root, it can cut the hair at the skin which will make the hair grow out faster.

In the waxing process, you will feel the warmth of the wax and a coolness after the hair is removed. It is a quick and precise way to get rid of hair and tends to be less painful than threading. Threading can hurt more than waxing because the hairs are pulled out much slower. This is one of the main reasons that waxing is still considered to be a much more popular way of unwanted hair removal. Waxing can be used on other parts of your body instead of just your eyebrows. When it comes to the maintenance of these two methods, waxing lasts a little longer than threading. Generally waxing lasts 4-6 weeks, while threading on the other hand lasts only 2-3 weeks. Even though threading has become a more popular option, it is also the more painful and expensive alternative to waxing. While waxing can be used all over the body as well as being quicker and less painful.