Brow hacks that every woman should know!

We all aren’t as blessed as Cara Delavigne, but we still need to work something out for the love of beauty- don’t we? For that very reason we have put together a list of few hacks that are going to help our lovely ladies get some ‘on the fleek’ kind of brows without doing much effort, so without further ado let’s get started!



Hack # 1

Shape your brows in natural light. Yes, there are to be no questions asked about this. Fluorescent lights only make you tweeze your brows as much as twice than you really should. Tweeze your brows in natural light to get a natural shape and to avoid any bald spots or stray hair after tweezing. You know the best time to tweeze your eye brows is when you are stuck in traffic during the day because you get all the natural light to see what hair don’t belong to your brows, so keep a tweezer in your car and plucky away!  



Hack # 2

Let your natural brow shape be your guide. Why would you do that because you have bushy eye brows and they are all over the place? Nope. This is because we all have a natural hairline for brows as well so the next time you tweeze, stand a little further away from the mirror and watch your brows carefully and you’ll see their real shape- then you take your damn tweezer and pluck all the way. This would make your brows look natural as well as cleaner than before.


Hack # 3

There is no symmetry in brows. This is not really a tip or hack, but it is something that can surely save a lot of us from spending that extra hour in the bathroom trying to produce identical twins out of your brows. It’s is totally normal to have an extra arch in one while the other one slides smoothly over your face. Trying to force symmetry on your brows will only make you over pluck your brows and have bald spots here and there in the end which are not even fillable by the brow pencil so quit the ritualistic behavior and enjoy the little imperfections!



Hack # 4

Filling your brows right. Whatever method you use for filling up those gaps and bald spots, make sure you know how to do it right – learn the art of shading – brows are not meant to be a single shade, instead they follow a shade spectrum so try and get creative with filling. Natural brows are usually darker towards the tail and lighter towards the inner corner, so to achieve brows that are flawlessly natural opt for the same style and fill in your brows with a shade that matches that of your hair – unless obviously you have dyed your hair of some other color than your natural color because then you will have to dye your brows as well!



Hack # 5

Timing. Always. Always do your brows after you have done your make up. This way you will know if you have overdone your brows or they are okay with the overall look. Completely made up diva brows do not compliment your no makeup make-up look – so be very afraid! Na, it’s perfectly fine with practice you will surely ace it!



Hack # 6

Use a concealer to tidy up the errors you made. In all honesty, concealers are a blessing, they are the magic potion that we all needed in our lives to correct all our mistakes. So use it for your benefit while you have it. Apply concealer under your brows to hide any excess make up. To add a little oomph factor to your brows you can add a concealer to your brow line just underneath the place where you plucked your brow hair.

That’s about it, you guys! Now go and get your brow game on point!