My Eyelash Extension Experience in San Diego "I Literally Woke Up Like This"

Ever thought about getting eyelash extensions? They are all the rage right now! -and here’s why. Like Beyonce, you literally get to say “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!” Not ever having to apply mascara again? -okay, I’m in. The thought of someone getting that close to my eyeball has always freaked me out a little bit, but I took the leap so I could look and feel fabulous all of the time, not having to hassle with mascara and eye make-up anymore and I’m so glad I did!! So here’s what you need to know before you upgrade your lash game, with eyelash extensions:

Before: Book your appointment. Pick a day where you have two hours to pamper yourself, then @ least two more hours before you have to shower. The reason you need another 2 hrs after is highbrow beauty uses a eyelash glue that need 2 hour drying time before getting wet, this is important when Compared to many eyelash spas in san diego that use extension glues which can take up to 24 hrs to "set" before getting wet. Also I suggest wearing something comfy and light, and having something fun to do that night because you are going to be feeling fierce and I want to make sure you take full advantage of that! Get a referral from a friend, watch out for Groupon also known as goup ons, becuase you want make sure you going to a experienced eyelash extension expert or you can end up losing or damaging your lashes. I went to High Brow Beauty , because they have experienced estheticians, awesome reviews and specialize in eyelash extensions in san diego. Meaning they do lots of set and lash refills daily, not just a couple times a week. They also use all the right stuff. My lash expert Beverly of HBB informed me that the glue is medical grade and is FDA approved! That’s important ladies!!
Anyways, I would just shower right before you go. I went in fresh faced, because you definitely need to have no make up on your eyes. Silly ole me went to the Beyonce concert the night before (hence the title of this blog) and wore old school glue on fake lashes; you know the ones that poke you & itch all night. The next day I still had a little gluey residue that my esthetician picked off for me. MY BAD LOL-Don’t make them do extra work like I did. This could also cut into the time they have to actually apply the lashes. The cleaner, the eyes the better as it allows for a better adhesion of the extension to your natural lash. 

During: The whole process, start to finish, should take about 2 hours. Get to your appointment a little early, check in, and chat with your girl! They usually want to know if you are looking for a natural lash look or a glam lash look. I personally went for the glam look because I’ve been told my lashes are pretty long as is and I’m definitely a “go big or go home” kinda girl.

So it’s time to get started! The rooms at High Brow Beauty are so cute. You'll have a comfortable electric bed to lay down on during the process. There is happy soothing music playing in the back ground! They place a eye-pad underneath your eye, which isolates you top from your bottom lashes. The rest of process is easy peasy, you lie there While your girl is making you look fabulous one lash extension at a time. Some people even fall asleep. Talk about the, the best beauty sleep you’ve ever had. 

After: My hardworking lash gal Beverly said “Taa-daaah!” and handed me a mirror and I screamed, “WOW!” I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at myself in that hand held mirror. I shouted “OMG I LOOK GREAT!”. Might I share, that is one of the only situations where you can yell something like that and be complimenting someone else!! Win/win!!

Reminder: You’re not supposed to shower for two hours after so the glue has time to dry properly. So, I went to the movies, then I went to my friends house to show these babies off! I am so excited to rock these lashes! They will last for a whole month or forever if you get them relashed every 2/4 weeks, depending of your lash own lash cylcle and how long or full you like to wear theat m! other then that You will need to brush them out every once in a while with a disposable mascara wand, which your esthetician will send you home with. talk about easy maintence. You won’t have to use mascara at all anymore, you find yourself wearing less eye make-up all together. FINALLY I am comfortable leaving the house without any eye make up on! There is no better feeling then waking up and feeling FLAWLESS! Ladies, tell 'em! "I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!” Now go on, treat yourself and get the best eyelash extensions in San Diego @ High Brow Beauty.