Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individually applied synthetic  eyelashes. The eyelashes look and feel natural, lightweight and dramatically accentuate and
enhance the beauty of your own eyes. Our work is all customized and your look will be based on your natural eyelashes, the shape of your eyes and your desired look.

Belle - Light Full Set
With this set you'll have noticeable change without it being too dramatic. Everyone around you will definitely notice something different, but they'll never know your secret. 
Up to 50 lashes per eye $195

Allure - Full Set
If you have a flare for the dramatic, the Allure set is perfect for you. These lashes will give you the Hollywood look. Say bye to your mascara because after you get lash extensions you'll never have to use it again. 
65 - 80 lashes per eye $249

$79 every 4 to 6 weeks
$69 every 3 weeks.