Brow hacks that every woman should know!

We all aren’t as blessed as Cara Delavigne, but we still need to work something out for the love of beauty- don’t we? For that very reason we have put together a list of few hacks that are going to help our lovely ladies get some ‘on the fleek’ kind of brows without doing much effort, so without further ado let’s get started!



Hack # 1

Shape your brows in natural light. Yes, there are to be no questions asked about this. Fluorescent lights only make you tweeze your brows as much as twice than you really should. Tweeze your brows in natural light to get a natural shape and to avoid any bald spots or stray hair after tweezing. You know the best time to tweeze your eye brows is when you are stuck in traffic during the day because you get all the natural light to see what hair don’t belong to your brows, so keep a tweezer in your car and plucky away!  



Hack # 2

Let your natural brow shape be your guide. Why would you do that because you have bushy eye brows and they are all over the place? Nope. This is because we all have a natural hairline for brows as well so the next time you tweeze, stand a little further away from the mirror and watch your brows carefully and you’ll see their real shape- then you take your damn tweezer and pluck all the way. This would make your brows look natural as well as cleaner than before.


Hack # 3

There is no symmetry in brows. This is not really a tip or hack, but it is something that can surely save a lot of us from spending that extra hour in the bathroom trying to produce identical twins out of your brows. It’s is totally normal to have an extra arch in one while the other one slides smoothly over your face. Trying to force symmetry on your brows will only make you over pluck your brows and have bald spots here and there in the end which are not even fillable by the brow pencil so quit the ritualistic behavior and enjoy the little imperfections!



Hack # 4

Filling your brows right. Whatever method you use for filling up those gaps and bald spots, make sure you know how to do it right – learn the art of shading – brows are not meant to be a single shade, instead they follow a shade spectrum so try and get creative with filling. Natural brows are usually darker towards the tail and lighter towards the inner corner, so to achieve brows that are flawlessly natural opt for the same style and fill in your brows with a shade that matches that of your hair – unless obviously you have dyed your hair of some other color than your natural color because then you will have to dye your brows as well!



Hack # 5

Timing. Always. Always do your brows after you have done your make up. This way you will know if you have overdone your brows or they are okay with the overall look. Completely made up diva brows do not compliment your no makeup make-up look – so be very afraid! Na, it’s perfectly fine with practice you will surely ace it!



Hack # 6

Use a concealer to tidy up the errors you made. In all honesty, concealers are a blessing, they are the magic potion that we all needed in our lives to correct all our mistakes. So use it for your benefit while you have it. Apply concealer under your brows to hide any excess make up. To add a little oomph factor to your brows you can add a concealer to your brow line just underneath the place where you plucked your brow hair.

That’s about it, you guys! Now go and get your brow game on point!

Everything about Eyelash Extensions Explained

Are you unsatisfied with your natural fringe or don’t have enough time to tend to your lashes daily? Eyelash extensions to the rescue! They pop up your eyes making them alluring without any makeup, however, they require commitment as far as their cost and maintenance is concerned. So, we have brought you a comprehensive guide to everything about eyelash extensions from their application to how long they last.



Application of Extensions

The application of eyelash extensions is carried out by dipping each lash into a medical grade adhesive and then bonded to the natural lashes by an experienced artist. The whole process can take up to two hours while enhancing the length, thickness, and fullness of your natural eyelashes.

Material of Extensions

The extensions can be synthetic or human, silk and even mink hair. The synthetic ones work best for a dramatic look as they have a shiny as well as sturdy outlook. On the other hand, the silk or  

mink ones give a natural look while being light on the natural lashes as well.



Tailored to natural lashes

It is important that the condition of the natural lashes from strength and length to curl be considered along with the shape of the eye in order to tailor the extensions accordingly. It is vital to understand that ‘one size fits all’ wouldn’t work in this case. The thickness can vary from 0.07 mm to 0.2 mm while the length can range from 6 mm to 15 mm. 



Tips for Maintenance

The following tips come handy as far as the maintenance of the eyelash extensions is concerned:

Don’t let the lashes get wet for the first 4-6 hours of application for them to adhere properly.

Avoid using the oil-based products around the eyes while wearing makeup.

Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Brush the lashes after getting out of the showers and in the mornings.

Brush the tips only to avoid pulling them out.



How long do they last

Lash extensions may last for up to a month although it is recommended to get them touched up around in 2 weeks to keep them looking full. However, after a month’s time, you will have to get them done again to maintain the look.

How much do they Cost

The cost of application is dependent on the salon that you decide to go to. But generally, reputable salons may charge you around $150-$350 for one application that lasts about 4-6 weeks.



In short, the extensions are totally sexy as they make you feel flirty even in your sweatpants. Also, they have the ability to allure anyone towards them by a single batting effect. So, if you are thinking of getting yours done for these exquisite outcomes visit our website for details.



With lashes being all the rage lately and failing to boost them implies you’re missing out on something big in your beauty regimen. Eyelash extensions are a true revolution in the fashion culture, saving women effort and time every day to help them feel and look their best. The benefits of lash extensions are far beyond just opening the eyes and eliminating the trouble of applying mascaras; they give you immense confidence and actual glamour from within as you go about your day.

Every girl wishes to have full, long, fluttery lashes and this wonderful technique is probably one of the greatest beauty trends for glamorous, natural lashes- that is here to stay.  Here’s why:



Lash curlers, falsies or mascaras are a must-have in every woman’s beauty regimen. Adding volume and length is the key reason why many of us apply one of these methods each day, thanks to makeup companies creating, some exceptional formulae for us to get the full and long look.


Nonetheless, your eyelash extensions take your overall charm to a whole new level, making your lashes even more beautiful, fuller, darker and thicker 24/7. Yes ladies AT ALL TIMES! You could go for a more natural feel or something dramatic, but whatever you select, they’ll enhance your lashes for the better! These beauties last for about 6 weeks and need short time touch-ups after that for upkeep.




Bid farewell to you falsies and mascara for long! Lash extensions are fixed to your current eyelashes, thus you won’t be needing any time to lengthen or darken them and since they’re already curled, you won’t have to go through the struggle of using a lash curler either.



Another plus? Many women with lash extensions don’t wear eye cosmetics at all, wishing to allow their elegant lashes to flaunt and stand on their own.  Since these babies are already thick and long enough, they reduce the necessity of eyeliners to add the impression of thicker, fuller lashes.

The best bit?  You can wear them with eye-makeup without having to deal with clumping lashes or fragments of mascara going down your face.




Nothing makes your eyes pop out like thick and long eyelashes. Lengthening your lashes act as an immediate eye lift, with zero side effects of the process. These gorgeous lashes also make you appear fresher and younger, providing your eyes with additional brightness.




Who doesn’t love quick early morning routines and extra ten minutes of sleep? You can do all that you usually do whilst you’ve your lash extensions,  for example; exercising, swimming, sitting in a hot tub or sauna (avoiding long exposure), and much more. You’re still free to enjoy your life normally, looking totally chic and extraordinary while you’re doing it- the biggest advantage of these super-safe and striking lash extensions.



Book an appointment with our specialized estheticians at HighBrow Beauty and get your eyelash extensions right away.



Like haircuts, brow shapes are not one-size-fitting-all. The secret for having the perfect eyebrows really relies on the proportions of your face. The precise eyebrow shape according to your specific face cut not only opens up the entire eye region and works to enhance the face’s overall dimensions, but also lets you carry any outfit without wearing much makeup, making you make you look rested, younger, fresher, healthy and all the more attractive.

Read on the top secrets to get perfect eyebrow shapes to flatter your face flawlessly:


If you have a round face shape, you’d want to ensure our eyebrows are super angular. Since there is a shortage of definition in rounder faces, the faultless angled eyebrow is all what you need to define and bring out your facial bone structure which is not present or lacking. For round cuts, a high arch is very flattering.





Squared jawline highlights the angularity of your facial cuts therefore soft rounded eyebrows are the key and way to go. But ensure the brows aren’t very angular and round. You wouldn’t want to make a rainbow-shaped eyebrow by simply over plucking them.






Though bold eyebrows can be seen everywhere in the fashion culture these days, a heart-shaped face would certainly stand best by avoiding this trend. Since these women are born with a petite jaw bone and the emphasis is mainly over the upper part of the face, it is essential to keep brows well-manicured and exceptionally groomed.

All said and done, keep in mind that a thin eyebrow NEVER looks good and is in! The whole point here is to craft an outline that is organized and never unkempt. This firm eyebrow on the top half of your face will aid to balance out the smaller jawline and chin of the bottom hemisphere.





Long face shapes are characterized by their vertically stretched-out features. For women with such face cuts, it is essential to lengthen the tails of your eyebrows from east-to-west to literally pull up those horizontal features.It’s recommended that the tails of the eyebrows go beyond the eye corners however long face cuts must make it a fact for their tails to always extend a little longer. Also, it is essential to be careful while carving the tail as letting it go too far out will drag your eyes downwards, making them look droopy.






Women with oval faces are those whose shape looks like an inverted egg.

A balanced, classic eyebrow is the right choice for a well-proportioned face cut like this. Go for an angled eyebrow that is a tad softer than the shapes which complement a round a face.






Don’t wish to emphasize over your face’s elongated lines? A flat eyebrow outline is your saver and creates the impression of a shorter face cut. Adding a minor curve might also give your face a round shape.






A rounded or curved eyebrow shape will make the widest portion of your diamond face appear less wider thereby balancing out all other facial features finely.







The tip of the eyebrow should start from the bridge of your nose. It’s very easy to find this point by simply holding a pencil vertically up to each side of the nose bone.


One of the biggest mistakes that women make is to opt for a centered arch shape eyebrow. This results in the dreaded ‘rainbow’ outline. Always make sure that the brow arches are around two-thirds of the way out.



The tail should end on an imagined mark from the corners of your nose to the corners of your eyes and not trimmed very short. You can let it extend a bit more as long as the tail doesn’t end anywhere lower than the area where the head starts. Ensure your tails taper to a sharp point always to lift-up your eye best.



Consider these expert tips every time you shape those brows, or better yet visit HighBrow Beauty trained BRow Artists to have your face framed with perfect brows taylor to your face's shape.

Why is it so important to shape your eye brows?

Eye brows are a person’s most important facial feature, they help you express emotions, they add a flair to your look and even affect the shape of your face – if you don’t agree with us on that do check out those articles that show celebs without their eye brows and you will surely know their importance. However, except for a handful of lucky human beings all others require a monthly or weekly grooming session only for their eye brows. Over the years eye brows have become an integral part of enhancing one’s beauty hence it has become absolutely necessary for one to trim, shape and fill in their brows to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. Today, we will discover how a well maintained eye brow can affect one’s look.


Make You Look Younger

See someone with bushy, unshaped eye brows and then look at someone with full groomed eyebrows and try guessing their ages, you’ll surely end up calling the younger individual older because they haven’t plucked or trimmed their brows in ages. Groomed eye brows are an anti-aging antidote that very few people know about. Perfectly plucked eyebrows that are filled in just right will lift up your face, make your eyes appear wider and make you look more youthful.



Accentuate your Eyes

Priming one’s eye brows can also turn into someone’s worst nightmare sometimes too. Why you ask? Well, because the question is not just about priming your eyebrows, it’s about doing them right. However, there is no hard and fast rule about what a ‘right’ kind of eyebrow looks like, but there surely is some insight involved on your behalf, so before you sit on the hot seat with a beautician hovering over your face with wax, make sure you know what shape your face is and then decide what shape length and thickness you would go for. You must consider the ongoing trends when you make this choice.



Refine Your Look and Correct Flaws

A lot of people undermine the importance of well-kept eyebrows, because they don’t know how simply groomed eyebrows can create a polished look without even the slightest hint of makeup. On the contrary, eyebrows without regular maintenance look bushy and unkempt which obviously make one look older and very rough.



Furthermore, well maintained eye brows can also hide ones flaws: small eyes, eyes that are far apart, or eyes that are hooded. The right kind of eye brow shape can add both dimension and length to one’s eyes, while hiding away the flaws like they never existed. Nicely trimmed, shaped eyebrows not only look good but they look clean and pleasing to the human eye.



So what are you waiting for book with one of our amazing Brow artists? Tame those bushes and look younger in no time!